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Ruby Bucio



Once upon a time...

Mexican-American, born and raised in the Midwest. Self proclaimed travel enthusiast. One year ago, my life completely changed for the better. Now, genuine happiness is an everyday reality for me. Many of my dreams came true, but it was no accident. I took action. I made tough decisions to sacrifice what I thought was important, only to discover what life is really all about and the things that really matter. It took nearly 30 years to grasp, but I finally figured out my passions and what truly inspires me. It's no longer just a faraway dream.

Living in the moment. Appreciating the time on this wonderfully diverse earth and all of its fragile, priceless encounters. I escaped unexciting, routine, ordinary, everyday life. By sharing my experiences, I hope to empower and inspire other restless souls to pursue their life's dreams as well. No regrets, it's never too late.

Solo Travel

Has especially made a dramatic change in my life. I’ve realized that I don’t need anyone else to be happy. I am perfectly happy with my life being on the road alone. It’s funny now thinking back on how much I always thought I needed someone else to complete me or someone else to love me before I could be happy. Now all I have is me and I love myself. I have fallen in love with myself. I have tested my resolve, my strength, my patience, generosity, courageousness, and determination. As well as my creativity and open mindedness to accept life for what it is. I’ve truly learned to live in the moment and see the beauty all around me, in all places, people and things. I’m determined to inspire others to experience even a fraction of what I have been blessed enough to see around the world.

Elated to share my personal experiences from cave diving in Belize to finding the love of my life in Singapore. Read more on my Blog.

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Positions and Certifications:

Rets Tech Travel & Tourism Certification

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

A.S. in Business Admin & Accounting


Volunteer with Workaway

Digital Marketing & SEO

Financial Consultant

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.
— Andre Gilde




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