Time is irreplaceable

Life is all about making mistakes, over and over but still choosing to get out of bed everyday, counting your blessings, being grateful and appreciating what you have in front of you today. Tomorrow is not promised so we must make the most of our present opportunity. Don’t waste precious time. Devote your efforts where it counts, even if that means you stay in bed an extra 20 minutes so you can hug and caress your partner next to you. You know you want them to know how much they mean to you!

Make sure your loved ones know how much you care for them! Show them, but be conscious of doing and saying things it in a way that they will appreciate. We all have tendencies to do what we think they like by doing things we like, but actually they may appreciate things in a whole different way. Be self aware of what you like and don’t like also. Use self reflection, get in touch with your feelings, love yourself. And do what makes you happy! Life is too short!

Don’t waste time, we can’t get that back. Create memories. Document them in some way. Spend time improving yourself in all aspects of life, health, education, etc. and make yourself the best version of you that you can be. We only get so many chances in this lifetime to create our world, our life and spend time with our loves ones and to give back, to teach and help those less fortunate. Lose yourself in the moment. Live it to the fullest. Don’t take it for granted. Some things in life will take a long time to blossom, you don’t want to force it too early, before it’s ready. It will last longer, appreciate the process, the journey to get there.

Cultivate those things, in the end, the effort and patience will be well worth it. Things that are hard, that don’t come easily are usually greatest, the “hard” is what makes it worth it. Otherwise, we would all do it. Time is valuable. Sacred. Irreplaceable.

“To err is human, to forgive divine.” - Alexander Pope

Don’t waste time holding onto grudges, anger and hurt. Take what you can from those lessons learned, appreciate that it all happened for a reason, even if we don’t really understand it today. Learn to let go, move on and try not to go back and repeat those mistakes. Don’t dwell on the past. Don’t forget what it taught you, but learn to move forward. No sense is staying still. Life is constant change and always evolving. History should be studied and appreciated yet not stagnant. Let history be another weapon in your arsenal to combat life’s future choices that lay ahead.

Take those hard choices, don’t ignore the paths that the universe throws in front of you. The path may not stay open for long. It’s unique and rare opportunities that come once in a lifetime. Don’t pass it up.

No regrets.

If you think you will possibly regret not stepping over the threshold, then don’t think twice. Take that step forward, you never know how amazing it will turn out. Escape.