USA National Parks Road Trip Begins

Sometimes we don’t have to travel that far to see beautiful views of mother nature and magical breathtaking sites. Just outside our backyard we can find amazing, picturesque and historic places. The quintessential rite of passage for any adventurous American is a road trip around our beautiful nation. Whether it’s a road trip with family, friends or solo, there is bound to be a fun adventure along the way. For me, the journey leading to the destination is the best part. The singalongs and games you play in the car, making a wrong turn, missing your exit, watching the scenery changing, frantically looking for the nearest restroom, trying local diners, and much more are all the reasons I love and don’t love the open road.


The mishaps are still all worth it when you create those memories along the way. I’ve been all around the Midwest, Florida, Cali and of course Texas but there are still many places and especially natural wonders I have to explore. Therefore, my travel buddy and I will be setting off on a major road trip to see and experience several states around the U.S. Most of our destinations being the great National Parks. We will be hiking, camping, and eating our way around as many sites as we can cover in approximately three months.


My travel buddy, Roaming Beast, is from Singapore, has only been to a handful of cities in America, so it will be a treat for me to see it all through her eyes as well. A fresh perspective on the American way of life will be insightful for sure. I anticipate it to be a challenge in itself to be spend so much one on one time with anyone. Especially enclosed in a car/tent for three months straight. Hopefully we won’t kill each other along the way. But that is what yoga and meditation are for right? Hahaha


Camping trip

Camping trip

Anyhow, our major stops will be parks like Yosemite and the Grand Canyon. Using a handy app called RoadTrippers to map out stops helped us create a rough timeline to cover the places we wanted to visit. We’ve only created a partial itinerary because we want to purposefully wander and explore along the way. has come in handy to find last minute hotels since we don't always know when we will be arriving to the next city. The National Park Service offers an Annual National Parks Pass for $80 and let's you bring up to three people on the same pass. It's a pretty good bargin if you're planning to visit several National Parks like us.


Our first stop was Austin, TX. We chowed down at Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken, walked along the shops and helped Keep Austin weird. The Roaming Beast aka Nav had her first Italian Soda, along with other tasty American treats like Salt Water Taffy. Next up is Albuquerque, New Mexico where we will spend a couple weeks, then off to the Grand Canyon.


Follow us on our journey (@rgreatescape & @roamingbeast), the road ahead might get bumpy but fun times are sure to come. We will leave reviews, tips and of course many pics of all the pretty views.