Warm ups

foam rolling

Like a self massage. Foam Rolling should be done with care, especially when rolling over sensitive areas like upper back where there are sensitive nerves.

Calf Roll



Leg Swings - Side to site, front to back, stand on one foot and swing side-to-side several times. Switch legs and repeat.

Inch Worm - If flexible enough, from standing position, slowly bend down to touch floor right in front of feet keeping legs straight. Then with feet planted, walk hands in front of you, slowly until you are all the way in a push up position. Keep hands planted and then walk feet up to meet with hands again. Repeat. This will stretch hamstrings the most.

Bent Over Reach

Reverse Lunge with Overhead Twist - reach to the opposite side of the leg that is out in front of you.

High Knee Walk

Kick Swing and Reach

Walking Knee Hugs

Side Shuffle

Weight Lifting

Weight lifting should be done with care. Always pay attention to your form. This is especially important to avoid injury. 

Leg Machines - Leg Press - 10-12 Reps, 2 Sets

Let Extension for Hamstring Curls - use the machine that curls under you not the one where you push up on the bar (that can actually harm your knee joints)

Row Machine / Pull Down Machine

Body Weight Sqauts

Chest Press

Shoulder Press

*Always consult a doctor and/or trainer if you have prior injuries*


Foam Rolling



Fitness Routines and Ideas

Firstly, please make sure you are properly warming up the muscles in your body before doing anything too strenuous. I recommend trying 5 - 10 minutes of foam rolling or active stretching. Examples below.