Make A Difference

Why should you care about our future health of this planet and all it's inhabitants?

If you could make just one change to your daily life and it meant saving our ecosystem from complete destruction, would you do it?




You can start by following some simple principals and practice sustainable travel wherever you go.


Have an open mind and be cautious. But most of all just be respectful of other people's culture! It's pretty simple.


Conserve Water

Saving water and Preventing Pollution

  • Take shorter showers; don't flush every time you use the toilet; wash your car infrequently.

  • Don't let the faucet run while washing hands, dishes, food, or brushing your teeth. Draw a basin of water for washing and another for rinsing dishes. Don't run the dishwasher when half full.

  • Dispose of used motor oil and household hazardous waste responsibly. Don't dump anything down a storm sewer that you wouldn't want to drink.

  • Avoid using toxic or hazardous chemicals for simple cleaning or plumbing jobs. A plunger or plumber's snake will often unclog a drain just as well as caustic acids or lye.

  • If you have a lawn, use water sparingly. Water your grass and garden at night, not in the middle of the day. Consider planting native plants, low-maintenance ground cover, a rock garden, or some other xeriphytic landscaping.

  • Use water-conserving appliances: low-flow showerheads, low flush toilets, and aerated faucets.

  • Use recycled (gray) water for lawns, house plants, and car washing.

  • Check your toilet for leaks. A leaky toilet can waste 50 gallons per day. Add a few drops of dark food coloring to the tank and wait 15 minutes. If the tank is leaking, the water in the bowl will have changed color.



Conserve Energy

Steps you can take to Save Energy

1. Drive less; make fewer trips, use telecommunications and mail instead of going places in person.

2. Walk, ride a bike, or use public transportation.

3. Use stairs instead of elevators.

4. Join a car pool or drive a smaller, more efficient car; reduce speeds.

5. Insulate your house or add more insulation to the existing amount.

6. Turn thermostats down in the winter and up in the summer, and dress appropriately for the season.

7. Weather-strip and caulk around windows and doors; add storm windows or plastic sheets over windows.

8. Create a windbreak on the north side of your house; plant decidous trees or vines on the south side.

9. During the winter, close windows and drapes at night; during summer days, close windows and drapes if using air conditioning.

10. Turn off lights, television sets, and computers when not in use.

11. Stop faucet leaks, especially hot water.

12. Take shorter, cooler showers; install water-saving faucets and showerheads.

13. Recycle glass, metals, and paper; compost organic wastes.

14. Eat locally grown food in season.

15. Buy locally made, long-lasting materials.

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