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I've been to several countries overseas. Here is the best accessories that I personally tested and loved. I've traveled to big metropolitan cities such as Singapore. I've been backpacking through Southeast Asia. 

Travel adaptor

Invest in a universal travel adaptor. It can be used in almost any country you could visit. I love this one in particular because it includes two additional USB ports. You can then charge three devices at once. 


A good comfortable paid of hiking boots is hard to find when on a budget, but they are a good investment if you plan to do lots of hiking. It's best to get ones that are waterproof.

Camping Tent

I found this great easy to assemble pop up tent for our camping road trip around the USA. It was comfortable for two of us and had handy loops inside for hanging things like a lantern. It includes a carrying bag to make it easy for toting around each campsite.

Travel Pillow

Sleep comfortably on the plane, bus, or even use with your hammock when camping. Memory foam and includes headphones and eye mask to let you nap even at the airport.

Passport Wallet

If you travel often, invest in a protective wallet to prevent wear and tear of your precious passport. Keep it safe from damage, with lots of colors and styles to chose from.

power bank

Keep all your devices charged while traveling in the airport, bus, car, or even while hiking with a portable charging power bank.

hiking backpack

I recently purchased a new backpack for my trek to Machu Picchu. I chose one that held plenty, had lots of compartments, light, and came with a rain cover. It is also adjustable to your height.

Hiking Poles

A good pair of hiking poles should have anti-shock and easy locking mechanism. Also, if you are likely to hike in rainy conditions, try the cork grip handle to prevent your hands from slipping.

camping stove

This portable butane camping stove really came in handy during our 3 month road trip. We were able to easily prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner. It has a wind block panel included. Refills are found easily in most major supermarkets and camping stores around the U.S.

Toiletry Bag

Keep all of your toiletries organized with a hanging toiletry bag. 17 compartments and hooks. Also, water resistant so you can take with you to the shower.

Folding Toothbrush

Comes in a 2 pack with a protective cap to keep it safe and clean. And a travel size Crest toothpaste. Colors vary.

Water Bottle

Be environmentally friendly by using a resuable water bottle. LifeStraw water bottle is great for hiking or when out of the country and the water may not be potable.
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sleeping bag

You want to purchase a sleeping bag for the right climate where you will be camping. The mummy style sleeping bag is the warmest. It kept me warm up in the mountains of Peru.

Rain Coat

Hiking during the rainy season of Peru was tough. Staying dry and needing to have something long enough to cover your legs is best. I really like this rain poncho because of the clear visor. 


What better way to take a break and read a book or have a short nap while under the stars. This hammock is perfect for couples and even comes with a pouch to store your phone, book or any other small accessories while you relax.

Scratch Off Map

Keep track, show everyone, scratch off places you have traveled in the USA. Great for yourself or as a gift for any travel addict. Placed on silk art paper with gloss coating.

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